Linen look tablecloth with lotus effect - Square - 90x90 to 110x220

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Linen look tablecloth in one color with lotus effect
  • High quality and robust fabric
  • Shape: Square Size: selectable Color: selectable
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Dirt-repellent · Easy-care · Quick-drying
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Easy to iron and care for - Very short drying time
  • gastronomy quality
  • Dirt-repellent, high-quality, robust fabric with a hem
  • Care instructions: without fabric softener at 30° C with a delicate wash
  • 100% polyester fabric / synthetic fiber

You can determine the optimal tablecloth size as follows:

Add approx. 30-40 cm to the length and width of the table.
This gives you an overhang of 15-20 cm on each side. Then the tablecloth lies optimally. If you use table clips, add about 7 cm to the length of the fabric.

Quality note:

A polyester quality refers to a chemical fiber that is a very easy-care material. The goods are both dimensionally stable and hard-wearing. In addition, it does not shrink and has a high lightfastness.

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